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In these pages you'll find various links that will lead you to some special features of this website, such like pictures and audio-video materials related to the Presepe Vivente pageant. In details, you'll have the chance to download  some short videos (in MPEG format) taken' during the various Editions of the pageant, as also some music played by the town Folk Group "LA BASULATA", but also some pictures, promo-images, cards and animated banners that you could use to "personalize" your home computer desktop, or to make special links to our website or... why not?... to show off with friends and relatives!!

Simply choosen the section you're interested to, then download any single file by clicking on it and save it on your computer.

Otherwise, if you wanna skip this section and enter straight to the next pages of this website, just CLICK HERE or on the animated arrow down below...

Clicca qui per scaricare/visualizzare immagini artistiche del Presepe Vivente di Baia e Latina Clicca qui per scaricare/visualizzare banners animati del Presepe Vivente di Baia e Latina

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         Clicca qui per scaricare/ascoltare file MP3 del Gruppo Folk "Vecchio Baja"  Clicca qi per scaricare/visualizzare brevi filmati MPEG ripresi durante l'ultima Edizione del Presepe Vivente di Baia e Latina

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