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Baby Jesus


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Welcome in the web site dedicated to Baia e Latina's Presente Vivente.

The "Presepe Vivente" it's a living representation of the Holy Nativity of our Lord Jesus, performed with real human characters and making alive the ambience and the habits of a true Medieval village, according to the tradition of a typical Neapolitaner Presepe.

The main reason why this site has born is because we simply needed to give to our visitors and passionated "fans" of our representation a definitive reference information point where to find anything needed about the Baby Jesus Nativity pageant. But also to "protect" and preserve it, because as this is a UNIQUE incredible show, we recently felt the need to distinguish it from similar manifestations made up in the towns around, that looks like weird copies of our original (and oldest) one.

This site, is directly managed by the Presepe Vivente Team members and here you'll have the chance to know deeply all about this extraordinary show: for example, you'd find out its chronological evolution; you'd understand the enormous work made up behind the scenes; you'd meet closely the various protagonists that makes the scenes alive and the original organization team members (if you want you could contact 'em too, to make proposal or to have informations...); you could satisfy almost all your curiosities and have a half idea about the enormous amount of materials needed for every single Edition of the representation; you'd see some pictures and videos of the scenes made; you'd know exactly in real time when we'll make the next Edition of the Presepe Vivente and so on.

All above will be possible for you by simply mouse-clicking on the indexes or on the links you'll find out visiting the next pages, so that you'll easily get inside the magical world of the "Presepe Vivente di Baia e Latina" (for the various suitable methods to visit this site, please refer to the next notes).


Angel flyin'..



To satisfy as many personal needs it's possible, we've provided a couple of different ways to explore this site:

1) FREE NAVIGATION: the most expert visitors, could "freely" explore the site using the index keys included in each page thus following the single interesting links met way by way;

2) TARGET SEARCH NAVIGATION: this is dedicated to all those who already visited the site and/or wants to reach immediately the desired page or a specific information.
To make this kind of search, click on the "
General Index " icon and link at the bottom of this page: you'll get a full map of the website, with a brief description of what's inside every single page of it. Than, by a next simple 'click', you'll get directly and immediately linked to the page or the information you were searchin' for;

3) ASSISTED NAVIGATION: let us drive you through the pages of this website!!... For the less experts, for the ones that wants to loose nothing of the site and... for the lazy ones, we've provided some special animated keys (down below, at the end of each page) that would let you make a "guided navigation" between the pages of this site so that you'll access in a sequential, easy and fast way to all the single sections. To use this option, it would be enough to simply click at the end of each page on the key "NEXT" (right arrow) to go to the following pages or "PREV" (left arrow) to go back to the previous ones.

Last but not least another advice: by pointing mouse on the images, the objects and/or the animated icons included in each page, you'll let a lot of useful informations and "operating" instructions to appear.



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